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SAVOR is an industry leader in introducing green standards and programs to public facilities. As the food and beverage provider to facilities with some of the most stringent environmental policies in the world, we have researched the matter extensively and have worked closely with the community and facility managers to develop environmentally friendly operations.

SAVOR  and the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, makes several efforts to be part of a sustainable community within our realm of the industry. We do so by using compostable serviceware, participating in a defined recycling program, and promoting sustainable seafood menu options through our sustainable seafood program “Seafood For The Future”.

For more Information on "Seafood For The Future" link below:

Our sustainable seafood program “Seafood For The Future” offers choices that are farmed or fished in an economically, socially, nutritionally, and environmentally responsible way. We also work with area farms to source local produce, dairy, and artisanal cheese.

Even our décor is planned around using items that will be reused, recycled or renewed, such as live plants, river stones, & other natural elements that will not be thrown away after use. We want to provide every opportunity to preserve our resources for future generations.

We Proudly Brew Starbucks®
Certified Organic and Fair Trade Coffees.

SAVOR has recycled over 505 tons since 2007. 

SAVOR also recycles electronic waste.